fav 10 album openers

Complete YouTube Playlist

10. Metallica - Enter Sandman (Black Album)

9. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Waiting On My Deathbed (III)

8. Amon Amarth - Death In Fire (Versus The World)

7. mewithoutYou - Torches Together (Catch For Us The Foxes)

6. ZAO - Lies of Serpents (Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest)

5. Coheed and Cambria - The Reaping (No World For Tomorrow)

4. Enabler - F.A.T.H. (All Hail The Void)

3. At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal (Relationship of Command)

2. The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed + Funeral Thirst (Unhallowed)

1. Baroness - Bullhead's Psalm (Blue Record)


fav 5: '16 albums

1. The Black Queen - Fever Daydream

2. Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony

3. Assemblage 23 - Endure

4. Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

5. Killswitch Engage - Incarnate


fav 5: '15 albums

1. Horrendous - Anareta

2. Disarmonia Mundi - Cold Inferno

3. Baroness - Purple

4. Napalm Death - Apex Predator-Easy Meat

5. Modest Mouse - Strangers to Ourselves


fav 5: '14 albums

1. Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

2. Enabler - La Fin Absolue Du Monde

3. Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed

4. Beck - Morning Phase

5. Antemasque - Antemasque


beek is back! Part III: The Final Endeavor

I tried to get back to regular blogging in May 2010. And again in May 2011. Well, I'm going to try it once more in 2014. I'm gonna shoot for two posts per week at 11am EST on Tuesdays and Fridays. I don't expect they'll all be substantial, nor will they all be unique or interesting. But I find blogging oddly satisfying (certainly more than twitter) and I need some fun writing on the side that isn't just technical, research papers for work. So here I go again...


fav 5: '13 albums

1. Kvelertak - Meir

2. Less Than Jake - See The Light

3. AFI - Burials

4. Chipzel - Spectra

5. Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods


fav 5: '12 albums

1. Baroness - Yellow & Green

2. Crystal Castles - (III)

3. Hot Water Music - Exister

4. Enabler - All Hail The Void

5. Pennywise - All Or Nothing


fav 5: '11 albums

1. Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination

2. Mastodon - The Hunter

3. The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual

4. R/D - Liquid Heart Keeper

5. Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

... and more favs from 2011:
fav album opening: Amon Amarth - "War Of The Gods"
fav album finale: Mastodon - "The Sparrow"
fav eletronic song: R/D - "Smitten Seeker"
fav metal song: Skeletonwitch - "This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)"
fav punk song: Rise Against - "Broken Mirrors"
fav album art: Mastodon - The Hunter
fav album letdown: Jimmy Eat World - Invented
fav soundtrack: Bastion
fav comeback album: Face To Face - Laugh Now, Laugh Later
fav 2010 album of 2011: Copy - Hard Dream
fav guilty pleasure album: Breathe Carolina - Hell Is What You Make It
fav remix: As I Lay Dying - "Confined (Kelly "Carnage" Cairns Remix)"
fav pop-punk song: The Darlings - "American Dream"
fav song for singin' along: Foo Fighters  - "Arlandria"
fav song I want to see LIVE: Mastodon - "Black Tongue"
fav song for jogging: The Black Dahlia Murder - "A Shrine To Madness"
fav song for a rainy day: Darren Korb - Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme)
fav song for the trampoline: Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "Wrestler"
fav song for purchasing a parakeet: Lights - "Suspension"
fav song for fighting a grizzly bear: Trap Them - "Every Walk A Quarantine"



Meet Hoss. He is a thumbnail hidden somewhere in my MP3 folder. This is the view I get when I look at the parent directory of my MP3s. It's obviously a Lagwagon album, but I don't have that album in my collection. It must be mistakenly associated with some folder or MP3. I have no idea, I have never been able to find him or figure it out. He's been with me for at least 7 years and I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon.